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" Our values: Experience and high professional standards, rigorously and independently "

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J.A. Cremades y Asociados is a highly respected firm practicing in the fields of French and Spanish business law. We have reached an excellent reputation for services of the highest quality, and we have been present in Paris and Madrid since 1961.

Based on the double culture of Spanish and French law and the knowledge that their teams of French Hispanic lawyers have of both legal systems, J.A. Cremades y Asociados can offer its clients, both French and Spanish companies and individuals, a multidisciplinary, personalized, precise, useful and adapted to the differences and particularities of the Spanish and French law in their different areas, administrative, civil, mercantile, labor and litigation.

Present in France and Spain, with offices located in Paris and Madrid, comprises Franco-Spanish lawyers, all of them highly qualified and experienced professionals, the firm J.A. Cremades y Asociados is capable of accompany through the strategy and the evolution of its national and international clients advising them and helping them to define their objectives as well as the legal options and strategies most adapted to their needs, plan tailored solutions and anticipate situations and issues that might occur or arise, plan custom solutions and anticipate situations and issues that may arise or arise thereby facilitating the decision-making.

Besides legal counsel, J.A. Cremades y Asociados also provides to its clients the possibility of supporting and accompanying them in the search and identification of the institutions, agencies and professionals in France and Spain that always suit their needs such as for example, in matters of aids and incentives, financing, insurance, auditing of accounts, management of accounting, payroll and real estate.

Our values

  • High professional standards
  • Reactivity
  • Accuracy and quality

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